Ali the poet?

Ali the poet?
Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest fighters without doubt. His skills inside the ring originated from his an unconventional training routine. Such as, shadow boxing under water. As inspiring as he was inside the ring, he was outside the ring. He was fashionable, outspoken and flamboyant. This breeds from a very creative and intelligent mind. In this article we will highlight some of these specifics of this remarkable persona.


Muhammad Ali in his Rolls Royce

His mind worked differently than other people also outside the boxing ring. Muhammad Ali was born with the name Cassius Clay, as you all may know. He changed his name due to his strong connection to the Islam. He wasn’t an Islamite at young age, but a Christian. During this period he asked his parents at a very young age why God is white and not black as him. This shows that he perceived things differently already as a child.


This somehow rebellion mindset is also showcased in his political endeavor. He refused to join the army and rather go to jail during the Vietnam War. Like he said: “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Vietcong”. He had nothing against Vietnamese people and didn’t have a reason to kill those people. Looking back, it was a great choice and one that made him invincible.

The style icon in his fitting mold for a new suit


His public appearances were always on point. Muhammad Ali was, even before athletes made it a common thing, very well dressed. He was very well aware that the cameras were always on him. He dressed like a real gentleman and most of the time in a suit. His style is still appreciated by the fashion world. Dolce and Gabbana made t-shirts with this style icon it. He also collaborated with Louis Vuitton in an advertisement campaign.

His appearances on television show why this man is a legend. All of above will be seen in this interview and he even showcases one of his poems. Yes, you heard it right he was a poet. The one-liners are also very catchy.