After you placed you order our tailors will start analyzing your body composition with the information you provided us. Our artisans need at least 2 weeks to carefully craft your RAISED BY SOCIETY piece together. All our products are handmade products. We act from a belief that everyone has a unique body that can’t be molded in mass production. All our tailors share this vision. They have more than ten years experience and therefore know how to craft a piece of clothing for every body frame.

Since every product is handmade, it’s possible to make adjustments to all our offerings. Please contact us on sales@raisedbysociety.com for any inquiries. It’s also possible to order a fitting mold for 25 euros. This is the inner layer of your suit and shows already how the suit will fit you. You can make adjustments based on it by contacting us or sending it back. The price of our suits already include a fitting mold.