The suits of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

The suits of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross
Suits is on of the most successful series of the last decade. It’s about a prestigious law firm in the States. There are two main characters Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. These two, typical and always dressed in suits, main characters are a winning combo together.

Harvey Specter is a name partner of the firm. He provokes a class act gentlemen to in detail, as well does his clothing. Many of his suits are from Tom Ford. This 10,000 dollars suit helps him to create his static and reliable look. It’s the right suit for you when you’re a bit more muscular built.

  •  Most of his suits are dark of colour.
  • The material of the suits are high quality wool or a mix of wool and silk.
  • Traditional patterns such as, sharkskin, Prince of Wales, small checkered and subtle striped.
  • Big and wide peak lapels. Peak lapels stands for power and formality. Tom Ford himself is also a big fan of these kind of lapels.
  • Buttonholes are Milanese
  • Big flapped pockets with ticket pocket
  • Standard V cut vest (with the lowest button always unbuttoned).
  • His pants are American cut slim fit with a ironed crease.
  • White or light blue shirts with a long Italian collar
  • Grenadine ties and around 8 centimeters width. He opts for a Windsor Knot and the colour is mostly black or navy.
  • Classic flat fold pochet.
  • Black derbies or brown brogues oxfords shoes
  • Patek Philippe 5004p watch


Mike Ross is a youngster who’s climbing the ladder of the law firm. He dresses more subtle and to his position. This means that his style is completely different then Harvey Specter. This doesn't mean he is doing it wrong. His style is more simple, modern and slim, yet business approved. His suits fits better with a slimmer man.

  • Single vent
  • Navy or grey colour suits
  • 2-pieces slim fit
  • Narrow notch lapel
  • Flat front pants